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What We Do

This is where you usually read about the comprehensive range of wealth management services we provide and how well we do it. Okay, we do all that and we think we do it pretty well. But let’s try to be a little more specific and try writing in English instead of advisorspeak for both of our sakes.

  1. We help you organize your financial life. Think of it as valet service for your finances. We figure out what you have, where you have it and what it is supposed to do for you. We keep a record of the entire mix no matter where you bought it originally. We get your financial stuff out of the shoebox and into a single piece of paper or online.

  2. We find out who you are and what you want to do. Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you have aging parents that you will need to take care of? Do you have a special needs child? In other words, we work on what keeps you awake at night (assuming that it has something to do with your finances not, say zombies and vampires…we’re not much help there.)

How We Do It

  1. Once we all feel like we’ve got a clearer picture of where you are, we put together a proposed plan that covers each area of need. The plan is designed to be sophisticated enough to accomplish the tasks, but not so complicated that your eyes just glaze over and throw the report in the bottom of a drawer or use it as a door stop. We also coordinate our work with that of your other advisors like your accountant and attorney so that we can all be on the same page.

  2. We execute the initial plan. On the investment side we place special emphasis on current and growing income. We also do everything we can to reduce the volatility of the portfolio (no one can eliminate volatility completely) so that you are more likely to stay with the strategy when things aren’t going well. We also make modifications along the way to adjust for market changes or differences in your circumstances.

Who We Do It For

  1. Nice people who need our help. While this may seem like a simplistic answer it really is how we feel. Yes, you will need to have some money to invest. We generally work with portfolios ranging from $250,000 to over $10,000,000. That said, we don’t set account minimums. We like working with people who are different ages and have different circumstances. If we can find a way to add some value without giving our services away, we’ll tell you what we can do. So the money part has a lot of flexibility. But the “Nice people” and “need our help” parts are non-negotiable. Let’s break that down.

  2. Nice people means that we have a natural comfort level with each other. Managing someone’s money is an extremely personal matter. Life is much too short to work with people you aren’t comfortable with. We don’t have to become best friends (although many of our clients are just that) but we do have to believe and trust in each other.

  3. Needing our help recognizes that some people would rather manage their finances without the help of an advisor. Or they want to work with the lowest cost provider. These are valid points of view. They just don’t apply to working with us. We work with people who want help. We’ve spent literally thousands of hours developing our skills over the years. We think we’re pretty good at what we do. But that last thing we want to do is try to be all things to all people. You can do this on your own. We just think it’s a whole lot easier to let us help.
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